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Andres Acosta

—— Body & Mind Trainer & Coach

Welcome to Bewusst Flow, I’m Andres Acosta, certified Body & Mind Coach Practitioner, Mobility, Mindset and Fascia Trainer and I’m glad you’re here!

I coach people on a long-term basis, individually or in groups, who want to feel and live in the Flow.

Born in Bogotá, Colombia, based in Frankfurt, I am passionate about helping others to find balance in life by managing change, learning, growing and sharing along the way.

My main objective is to help you balance your body and mind through relaxation and empowerment so that you feel comfortable and confident with yourself, being authentic and listening to your body and your emotions. My Coaching is focused on prevention, regeneration and improvement.

I am convinced of the importance of regularly balance and strength body and mind by having times of relaxation and reflection, as well as empowering to live confident ourselves and radiating our vital energy along the path we choose.

I wish for you that you feel confident in yourself, safe, young, dynamic, satisfied and that you are in Flow with life. I speak German, English or Spanish.

I hope to see you soon!


Fascia therapy / Integral Fascia Massage

Individual appointments

Understand the fascia and achieve balance with targeted exercises and the relaxing, balancing and relaxing fascia massage.

In the holistic fascia massage, we will systematically loosen, stimulate and activate the fascia through light massage strokes and joint mobilization, among other techniques, in order to bring the body into harmony.

At the beginning of the session we carry out a body analysis, which enables us to recognize your current and desired state.

Desired effects are straightening of the body and healthy posture, lightness, free breathing and a pleasant body feeling.

*To take care of the environment, I ask you to bring a bath towel with you for every session.
*The undressing and dressing time as well as the anamnesis, exercises and goal setting are included in every session.

20 Min. 35 € | 30 Min. 48 € | 60 Min. 85 €
Empowerment Coaching / Mindset Training

Individual appointments, On-site and online

Understand and let your emotions flow and live your full potential by focusing on what you really want.

For me, mindset training is primarily about understanding your goals and guiding you from there to gradually achieve them through the training.

At the beginning of the session we determine your current state so that we know where we want to go.

Desired effects are mind & body relaxation, healthy emotions & relationships, lightness, joy, happiness & fulfillment in life.

60 Min. 95 €


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We will perform a body analysis at the beginning of the session that will allow us to know your current state. For this we use the questionnaire, perform a body reading, test mobility and stability. From this, based on your personal goals, we establish what can positively influence your body.

The main work of the fascia therapy is done through massage where we release, stimulate and activate the fasciae to obtain the balance we are looking for.

At the end of the Massage you will feel balanced and you will be able to understand how to balance your body, how the fasciae are interconnected, what influences them and how you can train them and have a better body awareness.

In Mindset training my primary goal is to understand your goals and from there to guide you to achieve them little by little through training.

At the beginning of the session we establish your current state to know where we are going. During the training you will have a broader vision of your goals, how to connect them with your emotions and how to integrate them in your life, in your process or personal project.

At the end of the session you will have a better understanding that will help you to empower yourself to find what you really need.

The goal of fascia massage is to balance the body and we achieve the goal when the body relaxes and you can enjoy the massage and relax. We may find trigger points (generated by stress) that need to be released and for this we will apply local pressure where the pain can reach 6 or maximum 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is intolerable pain. For me it is important that you are always in a zone of well-being and the nervous system together with the parasympathetic system can relax.

After the massage you may feel tired or more energetic, everyone reacts differently. You may also feel sore muscles in the following days as we have activated muscles that you don’t normally use. For more information, please read this article in detail: https://www.swav-berlin.de/ratgeber/schmerzen-nach-der-massage

Please fill out the questionnaire to the first fascia therapy / integral fascia massage.

You can wear comfortable underwear. You can keep your underwear on during the entire session. I will also gladly put a blanket over your body to make you feel even more comfortable.

For women: please wear a normal bra (not a sports bra), which we can undo in the back while you are lying on your stomach. So we can gently treat the back and then close the bra again.

It is recommended not to do heavy sports after the massage to avoid stressing the body.

In this case it is better to postpone the appointment.